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The trust and reliability of
"Made in Japan", to the world

Products "Made in Japan" are highly rated around the world, but software and applications are not as well recognized as the automotive and electronic industries.
Despite this, giraffa factory is the choice of major companies both inside and outside Japan.
It is our mission to take full advantage of the strengths and trust embodied in the "Made in Japan" brand.

  • The trust and reliability of "Made in Japan", to the world

    Products “Made in Japan” are highly rated around the world, but software and applications are not as well recognized as the automotive and electronic industries.
    Despite this, giraffa factory is the choice of major companies both inside and outside Japan.
    It is our mission to take full advantage of the strengths and trust embodied in the “Made in Japan” brand.

  • Ease of use for everyone, everywhere

    Using the cloud to centralize the data and support multiple devices is a given.
    As an example, we created a digital catalog for tablets that generates estimates right in front of the customer. Connecting to the cloud, it is easy to check sales status, create reports and customize the layout -- no designer, no programmer needed. We even made it possible to work offline for countries with poor internet connectivity!
    Taking advantage of years of experience in software development, we are always pursuing optimum usability.

  • From problems to actual solutions

    “I want to control the price difference between branches,” “I want to visualize the sales operations.”
    It’s not possible to solve problems with technology alone. We provide definitive solutions suited to your needs, with quick and flexible thinking, full development and customization structures, as well as after sales and maintenance support.
    Please feel free to contact us.

Company at a glance

Company Name

giraffa factory Inc.


23, Oct 2003


20 Million Yen (about USD 177,040 as of Jan 2017)


Postal Code: 108-0014
8F THE GATE MITA, 5-13-14 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: +81-3-6435-1658 FAX:+81-3-3453-3118

Business Outline

  • Consulting services for System Integration and System Administration
  • Software Development
  • Planning and production of internet services
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Sales and maintenance of computers and peripherals
  • Training of IT personnel and corporate IT training
  • Planning and design of promotion and advertisement; Design, production and sales of media.
  • Health consulting and training services
  • 108-0014 8F THE GATE MITA, 5-13-14 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan+81-3-6435-1658

what we do

G1 Templete

  • With G1 Template, you can create Electronic Product Catalog which helps users to show interactive and dynamic presentation and instantly create quotes & loan simulations. All customer information will be integrated into the lead data in Salesforce.
  • G1 Template empowers sales activity, drives consistency and improves close rate.
  • Built native to Salesforce platform and available on Android and iOS tablets.

New Exhibition Management System Heroku & Salesforce adopted platform
JMA Japan Efficiency Association

Exhibition at Salesforce Exhibition management all in one system for managing negotiations of exhibitors and managing trade show visitors by lead.
For exhibitors' sites and venues, which had been separated from Salesforce, we built HEROKU for visitors, and we have seamless collaboration till the introduction of business talks ~ holding exhibitions ~ You do not need to exchange data with other systems, you can grasp the information of each exhibition simply by logging in to Salesforce.

▼ Exhibition management screen
With Salesforce as the management screen, the set information can be reflected on "Exhibitor's Site" and "Visitor's Site" on Heroku.
The information registered at each site is stored in the Salesforce database. (Using HerokuConnect)

▼ Exhibitor's Site
Submissions of exhibits can be submitted via the Web. You can obtain information on your own seminar applicant or the exhibition applicant from your site in advance.

▼ WEB guide site
As soon as registering the exhibition information at the exhibitor site, it will be reflected in the exhibitor introduction site (WEB guide) attached to the exhibition.

▼ Site for visitors
You can pre-register at the exhibition site for exhibitors, register seminars and online settlement.

In the case of Honda Motorcycle Japan (HMJ) management system for motorcycle maintenance

Using Salesforce 's AppCloud, we built a management system for motorcycle maintenance.
Requirement definition for building location management of vehicles subject to maintenance, management of repair contractors for vehicles, inquiry management on maintenance, repair report management, shipping management of repair parts, and repair progress management, and salesforce implementation, Implement user training at the time of introduction.

​Visionary Keynote demo created for the Salesforce World Tour Tokyo 2015

giraffa factory created the Visionary Keynote demo contents for NTT Communications Corporation(Service Cloud→Wave Analytics→Sales Cloud) and TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION(Sales Cloud→IoT Cloud→Community) to share their success stories at the Salesforce World Tour Tokyo 2015.

Olympic Management Tool for TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION

Information sharing of a related department.
I contribute to management of a task.
It's possible to confirm the necessary information timely.

Visionary Keynote demo app created for KONICA MINOLTA, INC.

The demo app was created and demonstrated at the Salesforce World Tour Tokyo in Dec 2014, highlighting how does KONICA MINOLTA, INC. utilize the new feature, Salesforce1 Lighting, in it’s current business scenario.

Visionary Keynote demo app created for Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings

The demo app was created and demonstrated at the Salesforce World Tour Tokyo in Dec 2014, highlighting how does Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings utilize Salesforce1/Partner Community/Marketing Cloud/Service Could in it’s current business scenario.

Exhibit at the Dreamforce '14

giraffa was given the opportunity to exhibit at the Dreamforce 2014, the world's largest enterprise technology and cloud computing event presented by in US.

Deamforce 2014 kicked off on October 13 and ran through to October 16 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

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Developed demo car booking system for Mercedes Benz Japan

The booking system is built on Salesforce platform for car dealers to manage test driving reservations.

Developed file sharing system for PC/Salesforce1 for Ebara Foods

The file sharing system includes the custom-made admin screen for employees to upload files to Salesforce and refer to sales manuals with ease (Available both on PC and Salesforce1)

Developed sales visits support system for Gurunavi, online restaurant ratings & guide

The system supports employees who visit and survey the contracted restaurants for the online restaurant ratings & guide database. The key features include managing employee’s on/off duty status and reporting the results of their visits & information gathering during the on-site survey. Built native to iPad.

Released g1home for Salesforce1
(in AppExchange)

The mobile app makes the “home” function available on Salesforce1, which would otherwise have been only available in full Salesforce site. The function includes To Do List, Calendar (Activities) List and Most Recently Used, etc., all of which are displayed in one single page on Salesforce1 for quick understanding of activity schedule and history.

Developed POS tool for Datsun Nissan Motors

The browser-based POS tool is built on Salesforce platform and enables employees to upload images, texts and movies in order to optimize them for their sales activities using tablet devices.

Developed digital catalog template G1Template

The template is for car dealers to easily create a digital catalog which not just shows movies and interior/exterior panoramic views, but helps them to create quotes and loan simulations as well, while selecting car accessories to meet customer's needs.

Developed social network community site for Yamaha

The community membership site is for sharing technical information among engineers who specialize in network equipment. The key functions include the ability to book events and seminars they want to join.

Developed renewal of birthday XY video in Pokemon Center

The Flash movie is for celebrating birthdays of Pokemon fan kids. The movie is played on the big monitors in the Pokemon Centers, the Pokemon product shops located in key metropolitan cities in Japan.

Developed iOS app using Salesforce Mobile SDK for salesforce

The iOS app is a sales support tool geared toward Salesforce CRM Objects. Built native to iPad. The key features include customization of Home screen, customer location & route mapping, product inventory and order management as well as handwriting memo pad, etc.

Developed "SuperSales" app for Salesforce & iPhone/iPad

The app is a sales support tool that helps salespeople to manage their daily reports and activities outside the office setting. Built native to iPhone/iPad. The key features include customer location mapping & visit log, activity management, daily report customization as well as expense reporting.

Planned, developed and managed Social Media Wedding Service for iPhone

Built Century21's portal site with Salesforce

Salesforce&iPad Developed "TouchSales" app

Consulting for task management of PR division for Ebara Foods

Planned, developed and managed Social Media Wedding Service for escrit.

Salesforce&iPad solution

Developed visit log input screen for iPad B.L.J. Company Ltd.

The browser-based app enables salespeople to check and edit their activity schedule and client visit log on their iPad while working outside the office setting. The key features include the activity schedule management and the client search function. Activity schedule can be changed by simply drag and drop action.

Developed renewal of birthday video in Pokemon Center

DealerSupportDesk Developed deployment to production cloud for Hakuhodo Products

The system streamlines the tasks such as creating advertisement and promotional materials as well as receiving orders by utilizing the Cloud services.

Planned and developed prototype of content for smartphone for major animation company

Developed "ActionHUB" for Konika Minolta

The tool is for the sales department to post & share their success stories across the company. Supported in English and Chinese and the easy customization such as adding categories is available. The tool has been developed by customizing IdeaExchange in Salesforce.

Developed "Production Cloud" for Hakuhodo Products

Released Super Project
(in AppExchange)

The SuperProject, built native to platform, is for visualizing system development, contents development, and event management process.

Developed word-of-mouth content for Toyota Motors Portal Site

Released Super Gantt Chart
(in AppExchange)

The Gantt Chart, built native to platform, is for creating Gantt Chart based on "To Do List" and “Activities” that are centrally managed in Salesforce.

Released Smart Project
(in AppExchange)

The Smart Project, built native to platform, is for efficiently managing big projects such as large-scale system development, contents production and E-commerce site development by leveraging well-managed resource allocation and cost savings.

Joined Special Non-Profit Organization AppExchange Consortium

Planning, development and management of "I Love Pokemon Club"

Yahoo Japan Business Center Portal Homepage builder tool

Tokyo Motor Show Touch screen content for Subaru Motors

System for nursery schools "Nursery Star"

Each of our experts and specialists has a huge store of business knowledge, that's why we know how to create a competitive company from scratch.